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Transport Exchange Group sees record growth due to freight capacity demand

18th August 2015

More couriers, owner drivers, hauliers, freight forwarders and logistics providers are turning to Transport Exchange Group (TEG) not only to bear down on empty returns to gain business on the move.

TEG posted record growth in the first half of this year, as the transport industry seeks to improve asset utilisation and efficiency.

Membership of Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange has grwon by 10% so far this year to more than 4,000 operators – creating a virtual commercial vehicle fleet in excess of 40,000 vehicles.

And the company has seen the number of loads posted on its freight trading in the past six months expand by more than a third year-on-year.

Lyall Cresswell, managing director of Transport Exchange Group, says collaboration using the exchange sites is enabling members to reduce empty running on average to just 9%, compared with the industry average of around 27%.

“These latest figures reflect our successful and proven track record to tackle some of the most common and difficult challenges facing the road transport sector,” comments Cresswell.

“Using the exchange, our members are able to identify, develop and maintain lasting relationships with partners and subcontractors to create trusted networks, which maximise and expand capabilities where required.”

His comments appear to be borne out by the activity rates and feedback, with 97% of members active on the trading platform every day and an overall job satisfaction rating of more than 99.5%.

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