Road freight prices drop in January for fourth consecutive year

January’s TEG Index data shows overall haulage and courier prices dropped significantly following the Christmas period, with prices lower than the same period last year.

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Trends at a glance

January's data from the TEG Road Transport Price Index shows a steep decline in average haulage and courier vehicle prices over the course of the month. The overall price per mile for haulage and courier vehicles dropped from 127 to 116.2, a decrease of 10.8 points. This marks the lowest overall prices since March 2023, and lies 2.5 points lower year-on-year.

Both haulage and courier prices dropped by similar amounts from December, falling 10.4 and 10.3 points respectively. January’s haulage prices lie at 109.7 (down from 120.1) while courier prices fell to 122.5 (down from 132.8).

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Providing vital insight into the transport industry that the UK depends upon

The TEG Road Transport Price Index provides a monthly overview of the price-per-mile cost for vehicles used in the UK's haulage and courier industry. This index considers various factors, including supply and demand levels as affected by Brexit, Covid-19, driver shortages, and other economic factors.

Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and pricing in the UK's road transport industry by following the TEG Road Transport Price Index.

What is the TEG Road Transport Price Index

  • Charts the price-per-mile cost for UK haulage and courier vehicles each month
  • Uses data from over four million aggregated and anonymised transactions
  • Provides valuable insights to policymakers and industry operators alike
  • Tracks changes and highlights market trends
Industry benchmarking
Single source of truth
Quick view on market trends

The methodology

The data

The TEG Road Transport Index: Accurate Tracking of Price per Mile

The TEG Road Transport Index is a comprehensive tool that uses an arithmetic weighting system to track changes in Price per Mile (PPM) each month. The index is based on a January 2019 baseline and uses the Paasche formula to apply weighting according to the mileage mix from each vehicle type. This ensures that each month's PPM is compared accurately with the base month. Stay informed with the industry's leading metric for transportation costs.

The data is gathered, anonymised, and aggregated from over two million spot market loads transacted across the TEG platforms, before being validated, analysed and published.

PPM = (sum order values) / (sum order miles)
Sample size is circa 2m orders per annum across c. 8,000 participants.  

Data ID: A3, B3, C3

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Want to see more in depth data? Click below to visit the Integra Market Data Reports