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6th September 2022

Road transport prices reach new highs for 2022, despite falling fuel prices

3rd August 2022

UK haulage prices show July drop for first time in three years, but obstacles remain

7th July 2022

Road freight prices break records as fuel costs soar

9th June 2022

Digital revolution helping hauliers to meet 13% year-on-year surge in demand?

7th June 2022

The Back to the Office Drive and Road Transport

11th May 2022

Rising at double the UK average: road freight price surging in Greater London

20th April 2022

How fuel price increases have affected the road freight industry

6th April 2022

Higher year-on-year road freight prices for 14th straight month, as fuel price instability continues

23rd March 2022

Women in the Road Transport and Logistics Industry

9th March 2022

Does the falling price-per-mile index signal easing of haulage capacity crunch?