Sub-contractor Management

Transport Exchange Group has all the tools your logistics business requires for the effective management of logistics sub-contracting. Here is an overview of the key points:


Procurement: Finding the most suitable sub-contractors for your business, handling the application process and assessing their suitability, grading their capabilities, implementing your working practices and undertaking the price negotiations plus coping with supplier churn — it’s a very time-consuming process. We have the tools to expedite and approve all aspects of this essential operation. We also feature ‘peer reviews’ so you can see whether your colleagues have previous experience with a particular sub-contractor.


Visibility: One of the biggest complaints about sub-contraction is the lack of visibility once a load is passed over. With the advent of low-cost GPS smartphone tracking and event-driven status alerts, there is no longer any need to ‘lose sight’ of your consignments. The GPS tracking feature is fully integrated into our online Diary feature, with status reports and progress update functionality available within the system to make sure you can be proactive in your freight management.


Compliance Management: Once you have on-boarded a sub-contractor or trading partner, maintaining and checking the levels of documentary compliance to fit in with your own accreditation and ISO standards can be a real headache. Our system allows you to lodge actual documents, expiry dates and key data around these documents. A traffic-light system and automated emails advise you when any document is about to expire. Sub-contractors are encouraged to keep their own file up to date through a self-service mechanism (we also offer a bureau service).


e-POD & e-invoicing hub: By pushing all of your orders through the TEG online exchange hub, your sub-contract partners can upload PODs (both actual data entry and scanned images) and raise e-invoices against all your orders; these are then capable of being sent in real time back to your own systems, and indeed those of your client if required, saving you time and also ensuring the order-to-cash-collection cycle is radically shortened for your business.



Private Freight Exchange: We offer two flavours of freight exchange — loads can be advertised to either your own ‘closed user group(s)’ or sent to the general freight (subject to status). There is also an option to post your loads into a virtual ‘shop window’ within the general freight exchange, which gives your business a permanent profile within our Accredited carrier community, keeping the sub-contract enquiries fresh, accurate and up to date.


Carrier Pay: Take advantage of our payment hub to avoid the need for maintaining carrier bank details. Carrier Pay also makes it much easier to manage ad-hoc payments and gives your suppliers visibility of the payment process. Strict workflows ensure key actions such as POD entry have to be completed in order to sign off an order.



General Freight Exchange: If you are in freight management or third-party transport business, then you are eligible to participate in one of our general freight exchanges. Here you will find a massive community of Accredited carriers, ready to bid for your loads and advertising their real-time availability capacity (either LTL or FTL).


Integration with your existing TMS: Save duplication and effort by connecting your existing TMS to the Exchange via our two-way API. Send new orders into the Exchange to be posted either as loads or direct bookings, and accept PODs back into your TMS.




Reporting: A wide range of reporting is available to enable you to measure your own KPIs when bookings are sub-contracted.



Communication: Built-in Instant Messaging ensures you’re connected to everyone in your sub-contract roster, down to the individual users. This information is available to all users and is stored for easier retrieval.

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