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Solution: Freight Exchanges

Website: www.haulageexchange.co.uk

Haulage Exchange is the leading independent freight exchange for the 7.5Tonne market and beyond. The membership is restricted solely to Accredited transport professionals – be they road haulage companies, freight forwarders, owner operators or logistics companies.

The site provides a real-time venue for the exchange of trade information about empty vehicles, haulage loads and sub-contract haulage jobs throughout the UK and continental Europe. There is also a strong user community, which is facilitated through a number of online chat forums.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate ‘dead mileage’
  • Find the best sub-contractor for each job
  • Manage and record every deal that is made with other trading partners
  • Cut down communication costs
  • Expand your business network – instantly
  • Record all your day’s jobs in our unique diary

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