Compliance Registry

Compliance Registry


Solution: Managed Solutions

Website: www.complianceregistry.com

Every business or organisation is subject to rules and regulations, from those related specifically to your industry to those related to company, tax, environmental or other legislation. If your business depends upon being compliant – and being able to prove you and your suppliers are – then the Compliance Registry is for you.

Find all the documentation you need in an instant, from any location worldwide.

The Compliance Registry helps you and your company to stay fully compliant as well as manage all of your sensitive documentation.

Key Benefits

  • Create your own supplier ‘Watchlists’
  • Intuitive ‘traffic-light’ system shows at a glance whether a supplier and their documents are compliant
  • Automated periodic reminders
  • Stores all supplier documentation on a central, secure database – controlled by you
  • Enables you to specify exactly what you require – for every aspect of supplier documentation
  • Gives you total, real-time visibility of document details and supplier status
  • Distribute supplier documentation throughout your organisation
  • Unique traffic-light system alerts you – and your suppliers – when renewals are required
  • Ensures you maintain documentary compliance throughout your supply chain
  • Full reporting on user activity and supplier status, including our unique ‘snapshot report’ that shows what a supplier record looked like at any date in the past

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