How it works

How the Courier Exchange Mobile App works 

Gain more work and make more money by matching vehicle location and availability with loads advertised on the Courier Exchange.

Who is the Courier Exchange Mobile App for?

*Courier companies and freight forwarders – quickly locate and check the availability of drivers that use the Courier Exchange Mobile App (either your own drivers or other Courier Exchange members).

*Owner drivers and courier companies – advertise your location and availability for automatic load matching and so that other Courier Exchange members can find you on our Live Availability Map and call you or your controller directly

Advertise your location and availability

You can let the Courier Exchange system know where you are and whether you are available for work (or not). Alerts with details about loads that require collection in the location you are in now will be sent to you or your controller. You have full control over the Courier Exchange Mobile App and can stop the tracking or change your status of availability whenever you want.

Register your journeys

You can register your journeys directly from the Courier Exchange Mobile App using our 1-Click journey registration. Loads are automatically matched with your journey route and notifications are sent to you or your controller.

Manage your journeys

If your plans change, you can edit or even delete your journeys using the Courier Exchange Mobile App. This automatically updates on the Courier Exchange.

Receive real-time email alerts about relevant loads

When a Courier Exchange member advertises a load on the Exchange and you are in the right area with the right sized vehicle, you or your controller will automatically receive an email alert.

Receive detailed bookings

Receive a booking directly to the Courier Exchange Mobile App with full details including; contact names, addresses, references, consignment details and any special instructions.

Update the booking

Update the booking on the Courier Exchange Mobile App using our 2-tap status update feature. This sends a date and time stamp to the member that sub-contracted the job to you for the 4 main milestones of a delivery; On Site – pickup, Loaded, On Site – delivery, POD.

POD including signature and image capture

Ask the recipient to sign for the consignment on the Mobile App. Capture images to support your delivery. E.g. Gate closed. Both signature and images are automatically attached to the delivery note in your Courier Exchange diary. 

PODs can be scanned and cropped via the App while you are out and about eliminating unnecessary paperwork.


Invoicing features on the App allow you to easily create and send paperwork which means you can spend less time on admin and more time making money.

Instant Messenger

Stay in touch with your controller and co-workers with the built-in Instant Messenger that works between mobile apps and desktops too! It works in a similar way to most other messenger services that you may already use, such as; Skype or WhatsApp. The new Despatch Group feature even allows you to send a single message to multiple contacts for easy communication.


You can automatically send booking updates (mentioned above) as well as a periodic notifications (at the frequency of your choice) with a location update (link to online map) to any email address you like, including the end customer if required.

Who’s Nearby?

See other Exchange members within 30 miles of your current location – great for networking with other Courier Exchange members.

In control

With the Courier Exchange Mobile App you are always in control. Choose exactly the messages, updates and alerts you want to receive and who you want to be kept updated about your status and location.

The Courier Exchange Mobile App is FREE to download and install, however it works directly with the Courier Exchange, Haulage Exchange or CXEURO platforms, which requires a subscription.  

The App has been designed to capture your location every 2minutes to preserve battery life as much as possible, but it is important to note that continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

Download the app now!

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