We have always been at the forefront of mobile development. In 2004, we developed a sophisticated and user-friendly solution that enabled owner-drivers to interact with our exchanges and capture electronic PODs in real time (‘CX Mobile’).

The ‘Courier Exchange Mobile App’ is available for both Android and iOS devices. The application offers real-time GPS tracking and interaction with our Exchanges.

Feature Update!

Further to feedback we have received since the launch of V3 of the app we are now pleased to add another group of features based on your feedback:

• Loads that have been marked as sold or booked will be automatically removed from the load alert list when refreshed. If you attempt to view the details of a load and it has been sold in that time, the load will indicate that it has been sold.

• We have added a ‘Back To Top’ arrow on the Load Alerts list. Tapping this will return you to the top of list and refresh the list at the same time. If a new load alert is received whilst you are browsing the list, the button will flash red. Tap on it to go back to the top and see the new alert. (Load Alerts setting must be ‘on’ for this to work)

• We have added the vehicle size to the preview of all Load Alerts

• We have brought back the “Tracking On” banner and icon (Android only)

• We have added the estimated time the journey will take to the alert summary and when viewing the load on the map, we have added the estimated time to the pickup location too. These times are provided by Google and take into consideration current traffic conditions

• We have fixed numerous tracking issues caused by a change in the way Google and Samsung devices use the app. This will see accurate tracking and Who’s Nearby accuracy.

Please update to the latest version ASAP to ensure the app is working correctly. Using an old version of the app has a high chance of reporting your location inaccurately.

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