CXtra is a cloud based platform for visibility, scalability and control of your carrier resources. It works ‘out-of-the-box’ with the dozens of telematics, TMS, messaging and EDI systems you, your current and potential sub-contractors already use.


  • Easy to use local management of sub-contractor assets and communications but with central oversight and control
  • Get live tracking, alerting and POD capture capabilities whoever is carrying for you…to your PC, mobile device or TMS
  • Dynamically build and support any mixture of private, public or hybrid carrier networks for on-demand scaling of capacity

How to use CXtra to help deliver better visibility, scalability and control:

Get a ‘single view of the truth’, in real-time, of fleet assets, subcontractor availability and delivery progress.
Whether you need to work with your own fleet and just a handful of carriers or across multiple public and private networks spanning thousands of transport companies, scale your capacity on demand safely and easily.
Give your operations and planning professionals, via PC or mobile device, the subcontractor communications and control tools they need without compromising
corporate best practice.

What about IT integration?
Don’t ‘reinvent the wheel’ with yet another major I.T. project.
CXtra lets you build on your (and your partners’) investments in telematics, TMS, EDI etc. by adding visibility and control capabilities to enhance your existing best practice processes.

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