Our company has a range of products for both SMEs and larger Enterprise organisations. These are all centred around the collaborative working theme.

SME Platforms

Our popular general freight exchanges are ideal for courier, haulage and freight logistics businesses that need to make better use of their empty running, find new business partners to work with and expand their businesses without incurring extra overheads.

Courier ExchangeHaulage Exchange

Mobile Products

Our mobile applications are GPS-enabled to effectively provide you with real-time visibility and communication from all of your sub-contractors as you would expect from traditional cab-based systems.

Our mobile apps enable real-time tracking and interaction with the web.




Other Collaborative Solutions

Collaboration is the name of the game at Transport Exchange Group. We are dedicated to providing innovative and pragmatic collaborative solutions that can be deployed both internally within diverse organisations and externally between supplier groups and their customers.

Compliance Registry, a unique solution for handling certificates and documents; and Freight Messenger, aimed at the international supply chain user.

Freight MessengerCompliance Registry

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