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Transport Exchange Group enables vendor-neutral telematics integration

10th September 2015

Transport Exchange Group is now partnering with 10 of the leading telematics specialists – enabling data from various vehicle tracking tools to be combined, and creating “the first system-neutral telematics integration platform”.

“The telematics marketplace remains incredibly fragmented, so while adoption is now much more widespread, many systems have no means of communicating with each other,” explains Transport Exchange Group’s Head of Business Development Simon Bunegar.

“We now have the ability to integrate tracking data from virtually any system,” he continues, “so members can not only have visibility of their own vehicles, but also those of their trading partners.”

Hauliers, freight forwarders and logistics providers can take advantage of private, public or hybrid exchanges, with the ability to see the location and status of vehicle, regardless of who is operating them, he explains.

Bunegar says that the new level of integration also enhances the value of Transport Exchange Group for smaller fleets that had previously failed to justify the cost of telematics.

They can now be part of an extensive virtual, fully-tracked fleet, making them more attractive to larger organisations looking for end-to-end visibility of their operations.

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