Looking into the Future of Transportation Efficiency with Dr Stylianos Kampakis

23rd July 2021

On 13th July, Transport Exchange Group hosted a free online event that dove deep into the role data and logistics plays in all modes of transportation.

The theme posed a very pertinent question. Can logistics providers cope with the increasing demand to move freight faster and more efficiently? This is where the power of big data comes in – it could be the answer.

We were lucky enough to have a leading data scientist, author and polymath, Dr Stylianos Kampakis, taking centre stage as keynote speaker as he navigated us through the data highway.  Along with CEO and Founder of Transport Exchange Group, Lyall Cresswell, and CRO Sam Wilkinson, the event was a fascinating look under the hood of the potentials for optimised routing, streamlined processes and greater transparency throughout a supply chain. All of which are just some of the many incredible opportunities that businesses in transportation and logistics can reap the benefits of.

“Data doesn’t have to be complex”, Dr Stylianos revealed during his talk as he touched on machine learning, what the future of supply chains could look like, and how all businesses should take an interest in getting their hands on valuable insights to inform smarter business decisions.

As we’ve learned through the COVID pandemic, flexibility and adaptability have been instrumental in helping many industries realise the liberating and cost-effective powers of going fully digital.

After presenting these principles to our audience, they walked away with realising the transport industry’s complex and dynamic nature, which constantly requires clean-cut and easily retrievable data.

“Data science shouldn’t be treated as an academics plane, but rather as a discipline that is focused on business impact.”

We believe that valuable data should be readily available and easily applicable to all our member businesses, and no longer something elusive that requires complex processing. We actively practise what we preach by developing smart data tools within our freight trading platforms to give our members full visibility of supplier performance, easily digestible analytics to apply to business objectives, and more.

If you’re interested in attending our future events, connect with us on LinkedIn. You can also connect with Dr Kampakis.

Here’s a snippet from our event below. We hope to see you at our next one!

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