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Courier Exchange

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Solution: Freight Exchanges

Website: www.courierexchange.co.uk

Courier Exchange is the world’s largest neutral trading hub for the same day courier and express freight exchange industry. Over 4,800 transport exchange businesses are already networked together through our system, trading courier jobs and capacity in a safe ‘wholesale’ environment.

The Courier Exchange system generates real-time automated notifications to subscribers, based on their individual preferences. Even though there are thousands of members, our system automatically matches each subscriber’s requirements and registered vehicle movements before sending out an email or SMS within seconds of the job posting.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate ‘dead mileage’
  • Find the best sub-contractor for each job
  • Manage and record every deal that is made with other trading partners
  • Cut down communication costs
  • Expand your business network – instantly
  • Record all your day’s jobs in our unique diary

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