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Transport Exchange Group enables vendor-neutral telematics integration

Transport Exchange Group is now partnering with 10 of the leading telematics specialists – enabling data from various vehicle tracking tools to be combined, and creating “the first system-neutral read more

Transport Exchange Group sees record growth due to freight capacity demand

More couriers, owner drivers, hauliers, freight forwarders and logistics providers are turning to Transport Exchange Group (TEG) not only to bear down on empty returns to gain business on the move. TE read more

Transport Exchange Group expands telematics integration with Causeway

Transport Exchange Group teamed up with Causeway in order to help members turn empty vehicle capacity into profit. Members of Haulage and Courier Exchange can now maximise the use of their live veh read more

How telematics integration is helping Exchange members

The Transport Exchange Group has been offering a versatile platform for freight trading for years, but since it began integrating telematics services from several partners, it really started to offer read more


MAK Couriers is celebrating having scooped a national industry award that recognises its achievements over the past twelve months. The Leamington Spa-based  local and nationwide same-day delivery bus read more

Members and partners see boon with telematics integration

The two freight trading platforms run by Transport Exchange Group, Courier and Haulage Exchange has been in operation for almost fifteen years, but since implementing telematics, it’s been able read more

Corringham based eCity Couriers rewarded for outstanding service

An Essex-based business is celebrating having scooped a national industry award that recognises its achievements over the past twelve months. eCity Couriers, a delivery company located in Corringham n read more

New online dashboard brings increased visibility to owner drivers

Transport Exchange Group is proud to introduce a new online dashboard for owner drivers using its freight trading exchanges to provide improved visibility and control over key business features. The d read more

Collaborative logistics can be way out of the driver shortage

  The problem of driver shortage has recently even made it into the mainstream press, with talk of empty shelves in the High Street and understocked distribution centres across the country. Howev read more

Transport Exchange Group joins forces with TomTom Telematics to enrich member experience

Transport Exchange Group is now using live vehicle data from the TomTom Telematics’ WEBFLEET system on its Courier and Haulage Exchange platforms. The integration equips Exchange members with li read more
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