Woods Transport

Tripling turnover within the first year of business may sound like a long shot for many haulage companies. Logistics professionals Woods Transport is the proof that it can be done using the right tools.

The company was founded by Director Terry Woods in April 2014. Terry commands a wealth of knowledge after accumulating over twenty years  of experience in the transport industry as a driver. Woods Transport offers a first class transport service for customers, it strives to provide an efficient, professional and completely reliable service. The light haulage company is highly active in the transport, logistics and courier industries.

The company has the capacity to carry both general haulage goods and more specialised consignments. Additionally Woods Transport has obtained a waste carrier licence which enables the business to handle waste material goods like paper, plastic and metal.

At present the company’s fleet is composed of a mixture of Ford and Mercedes manufactured 3.5 tonne Luton boxes and curtain siders. Woods Transport has installed the latest tracking technologies and cameras in its fleet to enhance driver security and fleet efficiency. Furthermore the fleet adheres to Euro 3 and Euro 4 standards of emissions. Alongside its fleet the company has access to sub-contractors if required.

The Kent based business predominantly operates in the South East of England, however it does offer its services nationwide. In fact, Woods Transport is looking to expand by obtaining new offices in various areas of the UK.

To maintain the high level of health and safety at Woods Transport regular training for the company’s employees is carried out. Further to this the company has the appropriate and latest signs and contact posters on display throughout its site.

Woods Transport joined the Transport Exchange Group’s online freight platform, Courier Exchange in November 2014 to widen its customer base across the UK and to have any of its own work covered by the Exchange if required. The company maintains its membership by following high customer service standards as well as by complying with the Exchange Member Charter. Courier Exchange enables Woods Transport to cover jobs nationwide via the use of sub-contractors. Since becoming a member almost a year ago Woods Transport has tripled its annual turnover with the use of Courier Exchange’s extensive network.

Boosted by their Exchange membership Woods Transport achieved significant expansion during the past twelve months. The business has rapidly developed long term business relationship, moved into new modern offices, employed new highly trained staff members and won brand new contracts.

After tripling its turnover the business shows no signs of slowing down the expansion. Woods Transport is currently applying for an operator’s license allowing them to run HGV’s, increasing the number of services the company can offer to its customers. Additionally the business has applied for the ISO 9001 accreditation which will demonstrate the company’s standards for high quality management.

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