Viking Road Runners

Owner driver Albert Ballantyne founded his same-day courier business Viking Road Runners with Paul Keeling in September 2003.

The company operates nationwide and runs a modern fleet of Renault and Citroen short wheel base vans.

Viking Road Runners joined the Transport Exchange Group’s freight trading platform, Courier Exchange in March 2009 to get new opportunities within the courier marketplace.

Since then, the Exchange enabled the company to grow by developing new working relationships with like-minded businesses, with Albert describing the Exchange as a “fantastic platform that allows us to tap into a vast number of like-minded fellow operators and drivers.”

During the recession that badly affected so many businesses, Viking Road Runners adopted and applied a ‘stay open-minded and you will succeed’ philosophy.

Following this mantra, the company survived the contraction in the UK economy.

This was partly made possible by the Exchange, which allowed the company to effectively scale up and down in line with business demand, while at the same time maximise in-house resources to boost efficiency and profitability.

Viking Road Runners has recently been awarded a number of important new contracts that will allow the business to continue to move forward.

The new growth was particularly beneficial for the company at the beginning of the year when trading volumes are traditionally lower.

Albert is planning to continue growing the business through the Courier Exchange, with ambitions to become one of the leading same-day courier operators in the UK.

This will be backed over the next six months with a significant fleet investment initiative planned.

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