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You often hear the expression ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Well, Sense Europe Ltd already possessed all the knowledge needed for success, but it was only when they were able to connect with like-minded partners that the company began to take off. Sense Europe is now a thriving business with ambitious plans for the future.

Same-day courier solutions provider Sense Europe Ltd was founded in December 2007 by logistics industry experts David Collins and Andrew Gay. The business is based in Ipswich, with a team of four dedicated staff members that are responsible for coordinating its nationwide operation.

With agents based all around the UK, Sense Europe has the ability to provide bespoke same-day courier services wherever the client requires. The company is committed to delivering a first class service, providing customers with accurate updates throughout the supply chain and tapping into a large network of reliable drivers and available vehicles.

This operational capability has been achieved as a result of Sense Europe Ltd’s membership to Courier Exchange.

Having joined in March 2008, the company was able to identify and engage with just the right sub-contractors required to carry out jobs as well as develop a network of reliable industry contacts.
On a daily basis Sense Europe Ltd is using ten to fifteen sub-contractors via the Exchange to handle deliveries across the UK.

Utilising the Exchange’s member network and virtual fleet, Sense Europe offers its customers a high standard of service by ensuring quick response, fast deliveries and maximum transparency during jobs using automated job status notifications.
The company has an ambitious growth plan for 2016. With this in mind, the company has expanded its sales team with the appointment of a new staff member, Amy, who is already generating a lot of new business for Sense Europe Ltd and its partners helping them to take on larger contracts and work with much bigger organisations as they move forward.

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