R H Irvine Haulage

Work anniversaries can be somewhat of a bore in most cases, but not when your company has doubled its fleet in less than two years. R H Irvine Haulage has every reason to celebrate this year.

This general haulage specialist company was founded two years ago by Roger and Sarah Irvine. The Suffolk based business prides itself on offering a first rate haulage service nationwide, its services include the handling and storage of all types of general haulage goods.

R H Irvine owns and operates a mixed fleet of Ford and Vauxhall manufactured vehicles, ranging from small vans up to 3.5 tonne large vans. The fleet is Euro 5 compliant and each vehicle is installed with modern Teletrak Navman telematics technology.

Alongside using Euro 5 legislated vehicles reducing the fleet’s environmental impact, R H Irvine introduced a safer driving policy of a maximum speed of 68mph which is being applied to all of its current vehicles.

R H Irvine joined the Transport Exchange Group’s popular online platform, Courier Exchange, in December 2013 to help start up the business.

As an accredited Courier Exchange member R H Irvine acquired all relevant insurances and full paperwork. Documents are regularly checked by Courier Exchange making sure that the company is still operating to a high standard.

The company chose Courier Exchange due to its stellar reputation, particularly in regards to its ability to help with return loads – which in turn has the potential to generate more customers.

R H Irvine commented on the benefits of the Exchange, “It’s increased our profits and allowed us to expand our business without extra advertising and without cold calling customers”.

Despite forming a few years after one of the worst recessions in history, R H Irvine persevered with the combination of its dedication, high quality service and the assistance from Courier Exchange.

The company owner, Roger explains that the poor economy has not affected the business at all. This is proven by the company’s successful expansion.

The team is also preparing for a double celebration: the company’s two year anniversary as well as its second year of being a member of Courier Exchange.

After two successful years in the haulage industry R H Irvine continues to invest in its fleet, with plans to purchase large vehicles to allow for more flexibility of cargo.

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