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Three and a half years ago, Denes Lorincz put his transport experience to use by setting up his new courier business in the United Kingdom.

Lorincz Ltd was formed early 2012, and operating from his front room Denes set himself a new challenge to replicate the success he achieved in his home country in the UK.

Lorincz Ltd began operating with a single truck, with Denes working as an owner driver for numerous companies. Two months after its inception the business discovered the Courier Exchange and joined soon after. Since becoming a member of Lorincz Ltd has achieved exponential growth over the last three years.
The Exchange has provided the business with an extensive network of like-minded business partners. The network allowed Lorincz Ltd to form great working relationships in the industry. Denes credits the Exchange for its excellent service and help throughout the years, he stated, “I wouldn’t be in the position that I am now without the Exchange.”

He believes that since joining the Exchange it has delivered significantly larger number of loads to and from sites, including dedicated and return loads. As a member Lorincz Ltd is an active user of the Exchange’s feedback system.

The feedback system is a powerful tool that enables businesses to leave a review and rating on fellow Exchange members for each job completed. Lorincz Ltd boasts an outstanding number of positive feedbacks proving the companies high standards and excellent customer service.
Lorincz Ltd operates a fleet of 27 vehicles. The fleet consists of a wide range of modern vehicles, from motorcycles to 3.5 tonne Luton sprinter vans with majority purchased in the last two years. Alongside its own impressive fleet the company has access to the Exchange’s large virtual fleet of available drivers and vehicles.

The company employs 27 well trained, professional and reliable members of staff. Denes personally oversees and ensures that his staff are fully trained and by providing the team with a thorough twelve hour training course. The course includes training on how to use new technologies and it is carried out by the company’s in-house Health and Safety Instructor.

Lorincz Ltd has the capacity to carry a vast range of commodities thanks to the diversity of its fleet. It can carry anything from an envelope to three tonne consignments.

The company has accumulated a great reputation in the industry for its availability and coverage, frequently striving to fulfil its client’s expectations. Denes is extremely proud of his achievement with Lorincz Ltd and is looking forward to realizing his new ambitious plans in the nearby future.
Recently the company has moved to a new high street premises in Poole. The new site will provide Lorincz Ltd with a much larger yard to operate from, allowing for further expansion.

The company is set to launch a variety of new services, such as removal, for the UK public within the next few months. Denes believes that there is a need for high quality transport and removal services and would like to fill the gap in the market.

In addition the company aims to increase the number of its vehicles to 75 by August 2016. Denes is also planning to open a second branch of the business in either Birmingham or Liverpool.

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