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Make the most of your membership on the Exchange with two of our latest features. Full Postcode on Loads What’s New? You now have the option to select whether loads you post display the full postcode or not How Do I use it? This option can be found in Settings > Company Profile > Settings […]

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What’s more harmful: a diesel truck or a wood burning stove?

Question to all freight exchange platform members: Which of these is responsible for emitting more harmful particulates into the atmosphere – your diesel-powered truck or a wood burning stove? You could be forgiven for choosing the HGV sitting outside the depot, even more so when you consider that particulates are emitted not just from the […]

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Countering particulates? Why freight platforms should not be ignored…

By James Gordon, Editor If you use collaborative logistics platforms on a daily basis, then I probably don’t need to spell out the benefits. I probably don’t need to mention how operational efficiency gains brought about by enhanced load consolidation, or how reduced fuel costs from fewer empty miles have improved your bottom line. Nor […]

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TTDC15 – Open tech platforms meet the changing needs of business

Simon Bunegar, Head of Marketing & Business Development at Transport Exchange Group, explains why the open platform is so vital for business growth and addressing the changing needs of customers. Simon was speaking at the TomTom .connect Developer Conference 2015, which brought together software developers, ISVs and system integrators from around the world to create [...] Read full article

How Transport Exchange Platforms Can Improve Air Quality

  by James Gordon – Editor   They draw far less attention than freak weather warnings, but for the majority of the 64 million inhabitants[i] who live on our crowded islands, not paying adequate attention to air pollution alerts could prove much more deadly. Take England’s capital city for example. Last month, particulate levels in London were higher […]

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Transport Exchange Group enables vendor-neutral telematics integration

Transport Exchange Group is now partnering with 10 of the leading telematics specialists – enabling data from various vehicle tracking tools to be combined, and creating “the first system-neutral telematics integration platform”. “The telematics marketplace remains incredibly fragmented, so while adoption is now much more widespread, many systems have no means of communicating with each […]

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Transport Exchange Group sees record growth due to freight capacity demand

More couriers, owner drivers, hauliers, freight forwarders and logistics providers are turning to Transport Exchange Group (TEG) not only to bear down on empty returns to gain business on the move. TEG posted record growth in the first half of this year, as the transport industry seeks to improve asset utilisation and efficiency. Membership of Haulage […]

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