Our Vision

Our vision is to help freight transport and logistics operators unlock significant operational efficiencies and achieve sustainable growth in their businesses by leveraging collaborative opportunities. We believe that the key to success is flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to changes in demand. We aim to help our client businesses by improving visibility both within their own organisations and also with their trading partners, and then provide the tools to execute the resulting transactions.

We believe that by creating the conditions for ‘frictionless trading‘ between trading partners there are significant and long-lasting gains to be made, which can be a ‘win-win‘ for all parties. Our clients can achieve these objectives and thereby transform large areas of their business. The key tools for achieving these wins are our best-of-class Exchange platform, tried and tested processes and the experienced people within our business who can guide our clients to achieve the desired goals

With commercial conditions in the freight transport sector likely to deteriorate further and operating margins under continual pressure, we believe the freight industry will become increasingly polarised over the next few years. In our opinion, the winners are likely to be those players that recognise and wholeheartedly adopt the benefits of collaborative logistics, actively using solutions such as our freight exchanges and associated services to dynamically buy and sell spare capacity, reduce dead mileage, eliminate empty or light running and increase backload profitability.

While other freight exchanges have come and gone, ours have stayed the distance and gone from strength to strength. This successful track record in managing exchanges, and in delivering significant efficiency, scale and financial benefits to our users, is due to a number of differentiating factors.

Our exchanges are:

  • Genuinely neutral and independent
  • Actively managed on a full-time basis
  • Strictly quality controlled via an internal accreditation system

We believe our success and longevity in the market is also a function of the significant financial investment we have made in our technology platform to date, as well as the investment we continue to make in response to the needs and requirements of our members.

Our long-term commitment to the freight market reflects our strongly held belief that future growth and profitability will increasingly be driven by collaborative exchange-based trading. Using the platforms we have successfully developed, transport trade professionals can collaborate effectively for mutual benefit, accessing an enormous ‘on-demand’ network of accredited transport and logistics operators.

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