How to make the the most of a niche market

Specialising doesn’t mean that you have to put up with a restricted clientele if you join Haulage Exchange says Rhys Hackling, MD and founder of Direct Connect Logistics (DCL).

“I saw an opportunity in the market, for a haulage firm specialising in 7.5 tonne vehicles as many companies were only working with huge lorries or vans and there was no point competing in an already crowded market.’

Following a period of rapid growth, it quickly became apparent that one downside of specialising in a 7.5 tonners meant that there weren’t enough companies which required that type of vehicle on a regular basis.

From the very first day of trading however, Direct Connect Logistics was a member of the Exchange and it didn’t take the company long to build a reputation as the go-to firm for 7.5 tonne vehicles.

Rhys goes on to explain:

“Our customers are 90% 7.5 tonne work. At this stage, 80% of work comes from other people, with 85 per cent of that provided by the Exchange. It’s an incredible system, it works so brilliantly. I’ve been astounded,” said Rhys.

Although Haulage Exchange generates plenty of business for him, he’s also found it useful for supplying business to regular customers of his own when he doesn’t have the time or vehicle capacity to do it himself.

“The industry is so diverse, that you need support from other people. There are always times you need a driver or an artic and the Exchange is the perfect way to find them.”

This is what makes the Exchange such a special tool. Not only does it help promote members operating within a niche market, but it also allows them to be as versatile as companies with a much broader set of services.

The Exchange gives every member the ability to accommodate their customers’ needs, while also making sure they have enough work to maximise their fleet capacity. Haulage Exchange has given DCL a great start, perfect for a company which is really going places.

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