How telematics integration is helping Exchange members

The Transport Exchange Group has been offering a versatile platform for freight trading for years, but since it began integrating telematics services from several partners, it really started to offer its customers something unique. Thanks to the integration, the Exchange has been able to utilise live-map vehicle tracking in real time, which makes it as easy to for businesses to maximise their fleet’s usage.

Go2Day is one of the first Exchange members who volunteered to try telematics integration when it was introduced. It already had TomTom Telematics’ WEBFLEET system fitted in all of its 3.5-tonne curtain side and tail lift vans, so it was a perfect candidate.

“We recognise the benefits of both TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET and the Transport Exchange Group, so it made sense to make the most real-time tracking data to help make the most of our vehicles,” explained company head Andy Littlewood.

“We now possess complete visibility of our vehicles through the exchange in terms of location, status and availability, which will help increase completed jobs and boost revenue.”

As a business tool the Exchange helps businesses to work smarter, making sure that they get the best fleet and load utilisation possible. To succeed in today’s marketplace logistics businesses need to be making the best choices when allocating work to their own fleet and deciding which work to sub-contract.

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