Small businesses use integrated telematics to help increase profits

Something we are keen to avoid here at the Transport Exchange Group, is complacency. Never do we want to feel as if we provided a service that our customers aren’t benefiting from, which is why from time to time we ask select portions of our subscriber base to update us on their experiences with the service.

Take Today Team for example. It’s an up and coming courier firm started by former pro-rugby player Jamie Boyd. Over the past decade, his company has grown from a fledgling firm with just a handful of jobs, to one with a huge turnover and bustling business.

As Jamie expanded though, he realised that he needed to not only keep better track of his vehicles, but also maximise his vans’ usage. Since joining the Exchange, the relationship between the two companies has only improved and with the recent integration of TomTom’s Telematics’ tracking system, Today Team has been able to generate more than £40,000 extra profit.

“Other members are now seeing the location and status of our vehicles in real-time, so we are now receiving incoming job offers,” he said. “This is helping us fill available capacity and create a new revenue stream.”

He’s made savings in time and money back at the HQ too: “We are also reducing admin requirements because not only does the integration automatically update vehicle information, our partners also have live visibility of their loads which cuts down on the number of calls we receive asking for updates.”

So if you’d like to be like Jamie, get in touch today and we can talk you through some of our most popular subscription packages that could benefit your business more than you might expect.

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