Rule change for ‘non-standard’ vehicles

To maintain the professional standards that are expected on the Exchange, we are updating and formalising our rules concerning the use of passenger cars and other ‘non-standard’ vehicles when undertaking work between member businesses (this update does not affect car-derived vans).

1. As per the existing guidelines, the vehicles used for Exchange work should be fully insured including relevant hire and reward policy and should be clean, presentable and properly maintained.

We, Transport Exchange Group, expect members to use a recognised commercial road transport vehicle for Exchange work (this includes car-derived vans). If you intend to use any vehicle which we classify as a ‘non-standard delivery vehicle’ for a job that has been sub-contracted to you via the Exchange, then you must obtain written permission from the company for whom you are undertaking a delivery prior to pick-up.

A ‘non-standard delivery vehicle’ includes (but is not limited to) the following types of vehicle:

•         Any un-liveried passenger car/MPV/4X4

•         Coach / mini-bus

•         Any other type of converted vehicle that has not been specifically converted for use in the road transport industry

We are asking our members to use common sense when sending in a vehicle on behalf of another member.  If it is not a standard courier van or truck that is being used then it is very likely that it will fall into the non-standard delivery vehicle category and therefore require permission from the member that has sub-contracted the job to you as to whether it is suitable or not.

2. As of the 1st June 2014 we will no longer be accepting new subscriptions from those businesses that have only a non-liveried car in their fleet or on their insurance policy documents.

Should any member arrive at the pick-up point in a non-standard delivery vehicle, without gaining permission in writing PRIOR to pick-up, then we reserve the right to suspend their membership if a formal complaint is lodged by the sub-contracting member.

A recent development in the Exchange now allows sub-contracting members to allocate a received booking to one of their company vehicles, which should help the transparency and confidence between members.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this update, please submit a support ticket as we will not respond directly to any forum topics on this subject.

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