Continuous growth for Go2Day with Courier Exchange

Go2Day Ltd started with a rented long-wheel base transit van in 2005 in Merseyside and its founder Andy Littlewood has never looked back.

Today the time-served glazier who rose to become the head of modular build for a company that specialised in factory built homes which could be erected in days runs a thriving transport business.

Trading as Ecosystems Transport, Go2Day Ltd has a fleet of three 3.5 tonne curtain-siders and runs the eight-vehicle fleet for Ecosystems, an expanding computer recycling company.

The business is all in the family – Andy is Managing Director and major shareholder, brother Tim is a Director and shareholder, while third brother Chris owns Ecosystems.

Andy uses Courier Exchange in several ways. To find loads for the Ecosystems fleet which would otherwise go out empty while on the way to collect customers’ old computers from all over the UK.

He also uses Courier Exchange to find sub-contractors to carry out runs when his own fleet of curtainsiders – which specialises in moving large volumes of cardboard packaging – is already booked.

“We have quite large growth plans but we have no plans to increase the number of vehicles we own – our growth plan is all geared around sub-contracting,” he said. “Courier Exchange has allowed us to grow and to continue to grow.”

The service has been made even better with the new Courier Exchange Mobile App, which shows exactly where Exchange members’ drivers are and where they are heading, in real time, allowing work to be offered and accepted at very short notice.

“The new Courier Exchange Mobile App has been a fantastic help: instead of ringing around people the first thing I do now is look at the Live Availability Map.

“We are also picking up a lot more work for our vehicles. It does however need drivers to remember to make sure they show themselves as available and equally to change their status when they become unavailable.”

The new App gives him the confidence to accept smaller jobs, secure in the knowledge that if a larger job comes up he can juggle priorities by using Courier Exchange’s Mobile App to find a sub-contractor at short notice to carry out the smaller job, who is already in the right location to pick up.

The fact that Courier Exchange vets its members is very important to the business.

“If you are delivering a “line-stopper” consignment to an automotive company, for example, you don’t want to sub-contract that job out to someone unknown. If you hold up a production line for even three or four minutes, it’s your reputation that’s on the line.”

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