Keep your clients in the know with Account Payable

The Accounts Payable feature allows you to manage your invoices received from Exchange members that have invoiced you through the system.

When a job is completed and you have received an invoice, you can approve selected invoices for payment. When you tick the ‘Approve to Pay‘ box, the system will display the date when the invoice was approved and send an automated email to the other member confirming that you have agreed to pay their invoice.

Using the Accounts Payable feature you can confirm that a job has been completed successfully and you agree to the payment, allowing clear communication with your business partners and avoiding payment chasing calls.

Coming soon:

  • Ability to select the date you will pay the biller.
  • Select the method you will use to pay the biller i.e. Cheque, BACS.
  • A report/statement for a specific biller and ability to search by name/id/date rang.
  • Ability to mark an invoice as paid.

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