Get the right alerts at the right time with Pro Alerts!

The new Pro-Alerts are a pro-active way of alerting everyone involved in a booking with how the booking is progressing, throughout the job.

When confirming a job to another member on the Exchange, let that be a driver/vehicle or sub-contractor, you can set your account to send updates to 3 separate people with the following status updates:

  1. On site (pickup)
  2. Loaded
  3. En-route updates at the frequency of your choice
  4. On site (delivery)
  5. Delivered/POD

All of these notifications are date and time stamped and include all the relevant information about the status i.e. loaded, distance to delivery and includes a map link to pin point exactly where the consignment currently is. This will help you and your customer (if you choose to include them) and reduce the ‘Where are you?’ calls.

Pro-Alerts work in conjunction with the Exchange Mobile App or Navman Wireless integrated vehicles.

This is a FREE service to all company level subscriptions.

Here is an example:

Pro Alert En-route Update – Camden – Glenrothes – Your Ref: 1220703

The driver is en-route to the destination.

Pro Alert update for the following order:

Vehicle Ref: Small Van X1
Current Location: London, W3 6UG,-0.2577487
Distance to Delivery: 451.0 mi
Last Tracked: 14:09 BST, 01 Apr 2014
From: Camden, Greater London, UK
To: Glenrothes, Fife, UK
Your Ref: 1220703
Pick up By: 11:20 BST, 01 Apr 2014
Deliver By: 23:55 BST, 01 Apr 2014
Vehicle: XLWB 4m+
Freight Type: n/a
Description: Same Day – Timed

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