Notifications: how do they work?

Each time a load has been posted, the system will match it with appropriate members using the following criteria:

If the pickup location is within your home notification radius and you or one of your subcontractors have the correct size vehicle available you will be informed of the load by your preferred notification medium (SMS or email AND the notification bar).

The notification radius in conjunction with your home location enables you to determine the area for which you receive local load notifications.

Try our new ‘Draw your own notification radius’ tool

To ensure that you are getting relevant notifications and not useless alerts, you can now specify your home notification area much more accurately using our new ‘Draw Your Home Notification Area’ tool.

Please go to Settings>Notifications to activate the tool. Click on the ‘Select Region’ option and draw your unique home notification catchment area. You will find the instructions on your screen.

If a tracked driver or subcontractor is within the set distance (as defined by the poster of the load at the bottom of the post load form) then you will receive a notification through SMS or email.

If a Return Journey has been posted for a driver notifications will be matched on a predictive basis. The system takes about 10% of the journey length to create a corridor along the registered route.

Based on an average speed of 55mph the system will work out roughly where the driver will be at any given moment. If a load is ready for collection at the time the system predicts the vehicle will be in the area a journey notification will be generated and sent.

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