Communication on the Exchange

What makes a successful driver is the ability to communicate at all stages of a job, and be flexible to adapt to changes in circumstances. Here are a few tips of how and what to communicate:

1. If you are sub-contracting for another company, remember, you are working on behalf of that company. They will expect regular updates, especially when the consignment is collected and delivered.

2. Any additional charges must be agreed prior to the job being completed.

3. If you have any doubts, call the person who booked the job straight away.

4. Make sure that language barriers do not compromise the success of a job.

5. Let members know when the goods are on board/delivered. You can do this easily on the Mobile App with a press of a button.

6. Most importantly, if there is a problem such as a breakdown or traffic jams let the person who booked the job know ASAP.

7. Do not communicate your details or any issues related to the job with the customer unless advised to do so by the other member.

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